When I was a pro golfer I was lucky to have bonded with a great group of friends.  We have stayed connected through the years and in the last 20 years I have a circle of not only pro golf friends, but Golf friends
college golf friends, and country club amateur friends.  This network has proven invaluable to me in my business and in my life.  We live at La Quinta Country Club and I work primarily in this neighborhood and surrounding golf communities.  My golf background provides a depth of expertise regarding golf and country clubs in our area.  I have played almost every golf course in our valley... (over 100 courses) and can help in matching clients with a club or community that will fit their needs.









Beyond golf I tackled real estate, and of course those networks provide referrals, ActiveRain, and a community of supportive and strong agents. The ActiveRain network is incredible and I'm happy to say that many of the members have become friends and sometimes I forget that our friendship began right here on ActiveRain.



Through the years I have become a foodie and cook.  Sharing my food and passion for entertaining has opened doors and forged friendships that will last a lifetime.  What better way to show how much you care about them than to cook for them.  I often take foodie gifts to my clients... biscotti, cookies, caramelcorn, eggnog bread.  Those that are fellow cooks appreciate my efforts and those that don't really enjoy receiving a treat!  I wrote my first cookbook last year and am working on my second!




Another newer interest that has provided a different network of friends and clients is my artwork.  I have joined an artist coop called Sm'Art Studio in La Quinta which features 17 local artists from paintings, to jewelry, to glass art, beading and more.  I enjoy the support and Smart Studo community that these fellow local artists share and of course, I'm the only Realtor in the bunch!

The more interests you have... the more networks you are going to connect with!


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